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Health Nutrition - HDI Naturals™
HDI Naturals™ Clover Honey (250G)
The Preferred Choice of Professional Beekeepers

From the pristine white clover fields of New Zealand, honeybees produce a honey that is untouched by pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals, and pollutants. Gathered directly from the hives, HDI Naturals™ Clover Honey is raw and unprocessed. Topped with pollen grains for added nutrition, it is bursting with vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. For this reason, HDI Naturals™ Clover Honey is regarded by beekeepers worldwide to be the best type of honey. It is packed hygienically without heating and contains a very low water content ensuring a high level of purity. HDI Naturals™ Clover Honey's creamy texture and delicious light floral taste profile make it perfect for your whole family.

  • Maintain a healthy digestive system and promote bowel movement.
  • Increase nutrient absorption and maintain balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Be a source of energy.
  • Be a healthy source of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and mineral.
  • Be a safe sugar substitute suitable for people with diabetes.
  • Provide fast relief from sore throats.

HDI Naturals™ Clover Honey has been tested by Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS) facility to have low glycemic index (53) and insulin index (49) which makes it safe for long-term consumption for the whole family including people with diabetes.


Honey has been used as a form of alternative medicine since about 2,700 years ago.